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Guarantee your Principal Investment

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual funds, Segregated funds, RRSPs … the list goes on and on. There are lots of ways to invest, but many people are scared that they will lose their money in these unpredictable times.


Would you believe me if I told you I could guarantee that you won’t lose any money? I am not going to mislead you by claiming to know secrets or tricks, and I do not have sources that help me with insider trading. So what can I do to guarantee your money then? Invest it into a segregated fund.

No this is not a type of Tax Free Savings Account where your money sits, and it is also not a Mutual Fund. A Segregated Fund is an Individual Variable Insurance Contract that has many advantages over TFSAs and Mutual Funds:

– Seg funds are a type of term investment fund that combines the growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of a life insurance policy.

– Seg funds are investments and like mutual funds aim at growing your money whereas TFSAs are an account where your money is stored.

– Seg funds can have beneficiaries, so the fund can be transferred into someone else name if you pass away, whereas TFSAs and mutual funds would have to be cashed, and taxed at that point.

– Seg funds have two guarantees at either Death or Maturity. No less than a certain percentage of the principal investment in a contract (75% or 100%, and this depends on what you choose) will be paid out at death or contract maturity. In either case, the investor or their beneficiary will receive the greater of the guarantee or the investment’s current market value. Whereas the TFSA is just an account that holds your money, and mutual funds do not offer this guarantee.

– Seg funds offer reset dates, so if the market is doing really well and you want to reset your principal, you can. The current value of your investment will be your new principal investment. The Death and Maturity %s will be reset at this current value, and the term will start over from the reset date.

– Seg funds also offer protection from probate and creditors.

For more information on how I can Guarantee your Investment contact me today!

Tyler Brown – Financial Security Advisor
WP: (519) 648-9580
CP: (519) 212-9859
FX: (519) 489-2740
244 Woolwich St. South, Unit #1 ~ P.O. Box 261 Breslau, ON ~ N0B 1M0



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