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Financial Fundamentals

Automatically Rebalanced Portfolio

Having investments is great, but …

Do you know your risk tolerance?

Did you really look into what types of investment streams your hard earned money is going into?

Is your portfolio professionally managed by a third party company?

If you don’t even know what I am referring to, then maybe it is time we sit down to have a chat about your investments.

And before I even get into this post, please know that doing a risk tolerance analysis is the first step before making any investment.

I was recently at a seminar in which I learned more about investing with the company SSQ Financial Group.


One of the perks to placing investments with this company is that they offer a customizable professionally managed portfolio.
The portfolio is custom to each person depending on their risk tolerance, and what time frame they are looking at.
Depending on the risk tolerance and time frame, different investment streams will be recommended. After the specific type of portfolio is selected the investment can be worry free if the client chooses; unless the client wishes to actively manage the portfolio themselves, third party professional management is standard. This investment management includes automatic quarterly rebalancing of the portfolio. This means that if there is change in certain parts of the portfolio, professionals will re-adjust the investments within the portfolio so it is back to the initial specifications. Having quarterly rebalances ensures that the portfolio stays at the clients preferred risk tolerance.

If you would like to have a chat about an SSQ product, or any other product, please do not hesitate to contact me.

RiskMan Shark

Tyler Brown – Financial Security Advisor
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