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What is Orange on the Outside, Green on the Inside, and started as ING?


I’ll give you a hint; this has nothing to do with crack or Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Ok that was a terrible hint! Here is a real one: You have seen commercials about it.

Haven’t got it yet?

Ok 1 more hint; it’s a fruit!

Still haven’t guessed it?

Well to be honest, those were some pretty tough hints, and it is very unlikely that you guessed correctly unless you picked up today’s paper and gave it a read.

Answer; Tangerine

This makes sense because ING Direct, which is an online bank, is changing it’s name to Tangerine.
The ING, and future Tangerine, symbols are orange .
ING/Tangerine, is a bank, and has Green (Money) on the inside.
And Tangerine started as ING Direct.


ING Direct changing its name to Tangerine

Toronto – ING Direct is changing its name to Tangerine. The online bank, a subsidiary of Scotiabank, said Tuesday the name change will come into effect in the spring of 2014.
“Tangerine and the new visual identity exemplify everything ING Direct has represented since its start in Canada in 1997, specifically its continued focus on being an innovative and progressive alternative for Canadians who embrace forward banking and banking in a direct way,” president and chief executive officer Peter Aceto said in a statement.
“We’re very excited about the new name because it reflects everything our clients love about us and what everyday banking can be: simple, flexible, accessible, progressive, and innovative.”
ING Direct has more than 1.8 million clients with close to 40 billion of total assets. It offers no-fee banking products, including chequing accounts, high interest savings account..”
Headquartered in Toronto, it has been operating in Canada since 1997.

Kitchener Record – Wednesday Nov. 6 2013

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